We're translating our site.

Welcome to Proxeuse! Our Dutch website currently has the highest priority, but we assure you that the English website will also be launched as soon as possible. Until the English site is fully operational, you can already get a sneak preview by viewing the Dutch website with Google Translate.

About Us.

Proxeuse is a Dutch company and the successor to Hostify. We believe that the name Proxeuse fits better with our new business strategy. Part of that strategy is offering good customer service with personal guidance and advice. Read more about the change of company name and new strategy here.

Proxeuse has a number of services in-house, for example, we offer Shared and Reseller Hosting, but Managed-VPS Hosting also belongs to our range. We offer personal guidance and advice on all our products, from advising on hosting to adjusting a link on a website.

Contact Numbers:

Phone: (+31) 6 1766 4841




Heerdlaan 1, 6721GL,
Bennekom, the Netherlands (Holland)

Heerdlaan 1, 6721GL,
Bennekom, the Netherlands (Holland)